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My Moroccan Travel is your authentic, reliable and experienced travel partner that can help you make your trip a memorable one. Give us the opportunity to make your trip the best one you have ever had in your life. We will take your on an adventurous journey to Morocco and let you experience the charm of this place.

Morocco Tours - Amazing Travel Experience

Let's plan a journey to Morocco! You must be planning to visit the best places in and around the city. Perhaps you have made up your mind on the things you want to do and places you want to visit. We promise you to fulfil them all. We take you to Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, etc. With an experienced team of guides and consultants, we make sure every trip is more exciting and fun-filled. Travellers' safety is our primary concern and hence, we take extensive measures to secure your trip. Consequently, we also provide insurance coverage for our client that covers accidents, mishaps, baggage loss, etc.

Apart from all this, we also organize luxurious desert trip with amazing camel trek. Our Sahara tours excursions take place from Marrakech, Merzaunga, or other Moroccan city. You can either opt for honeymoon trip, private or family trip, educational excursion or anything else, we will offer assistance for everything you require to make your trip amazing.

Luxury travel packages

Everyone wants to plan the trip within a pre-set budget. Who doesn't want to go with great travel packages which include all the necessary things that are essential for making a trip memorable? We know the real voyage of discovery needs fresh perspective and not new landscapes. Hence, with our amazing travel packages, we let you witness the beauty of nature in Morocco in a way you could not have imagined before. Our travel packages start from 5 days and extend till 2 weeks, based on your availability.


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Our private Morocco Tour is what you need Let's be guided by our team for true discovery.

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    Get entertained with healthy adventurous activities

    Travel is known as the healthiest addiction because it is ornamented with many adventurous activities. We have two different types of activities such as Marrakech activities and Agadir activities. Not only by their names these two also differ in terms of the activities offered. In Marrakech activities, we offer Camel trekking, Quad ride, cooking classes, half-day camel ride, quad and jet-ski, Hammam massage and carriage ride. On the other hand, Agadir covers lesser adventures namely camel ride, Crocoparc in Agadir and traditional Hammam massage. With all these activities you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

    Feel the heat of desert camps in Morocco

    Have you ever thought of spending your time with your loved ones under the starlit sky in camps in a desert? Then imagine the feeling of romantic and relaxing time in luxury desert camps. The silence, the night beauty of the nature, the lighting, the bon-fire, everything will help you get rid of your everyday stress and make you feel ecstatic. We arrange it at the centre of the desert. Moreover, the camps are equipped with all the luxuries you get in a hotel room. The hot shower, cosy beds to sleep, attached hygienic toilets and other amenities to make you feel relaxed and forget your daily hurdles of life. Just sit and relax under the sky and enjoy the star-lit dinner with your partner.

    Experiencing the exotic taste of Moroccan food

    Our tour and travel packages are not limited to taking you on amazing trips and other travel activities. We also serve you delicious Moroccan dishes. Of course, this is the most important part in any trip as without food, any experience is not complete. Tasting and trying the famous dishes of a place, where the trip is arranged, always remains as a concern for us. We offer, through our travel packages, the taste of Morocco. We ensure you enjoy the different flavours of Morocco ranging from salads, main dishes, famous cuisines, sea-foods, drinks, and many more.

    My Moroccan Travels- Your Reliable Travel Partner

    Apart from all these things, there are many other things that are included in our travel packages such as stay, food, etc. We take care of each and everything during your trip to ensure you have an unmatched experience. To get a free itinerary for a trip to Morocco give us a call today!

    Enjoy the real essence of Morocco only with My Moroccan Travels!

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