Hello to all dear readers! Here we are going to discuss 8 tips to know before going hiking in Morocco. It is a country that is located at the banks of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean bay. Morocco is a North African country that has a culture with a blend of European and Arabian civilization. Here you will visit many attractions like Marrakesh’s place known as medina, middle age cultural quarters, selling ceramics, unique Moroccan jewelry, and metal hand lights. You can also visit the capital city Rabat’s Kasbah of the Udayas that is a fort built in the 12th century.

Is hiking fun in Morocco?

If you go to Morocco for a holiday with your family then you can enjoy a unique experience while doing outdoor activities like hiking. This could be a nice activity full of fun for you and your entire family. Just see when you are near a mountainous track near the hotel or resort where you live. Even if you are a photographer to trap the natural scenes here in your camera then also you can enjoy hiking in Morocco. This can be a unique activity for you just very different from a fast and hectic life. We can say that hiking of backpacking is a refreshing hobby for anyone including you.

Where can you do hiking here?

You may ask which could be the best place to enjoy hiking here. Our answer just explores the magnificent hills in Morocco. You won’t find a better place than smoky hills here. You may find and come across spots here in all states. You may know what you can do here on the internet.

Today many tourist resort experts in this country are offering the best sporting facilities to tourists who arrive here to enjoy holiday vacations during summer and winter season. Due to this reason doing hiking in Morocco is a unique fun and experience for most visitors who come here with their friends and dear ones. For this reason, you have to be prepared for a nice trail and enjoying hikes as a sporty adventure here in Morocco.

Some basic things about hiking

You have to know some basic things about hiking. Take for example there are two kinds of hiking they are internal framed as well as external framed ones. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you enjoy internal framed hiking then you will pass through heavy and dense vegetation as it will have to be secured from your hike traces.

This will also give you a different sporty adventure. Many tourists have reported to us that external frame hiking is much more comfortable for them. It depends on what do you like and how will handle it. Yet when you do externally frame hiking then you may feel more heat and sweating while doing it.

Are external frames much more comfortable?

When you choose external frame hiking then it gives you more space. They also give you more comfort so that you may relax in a better way during external hiking. It helps you to remain cool during sporting hours.

Tips to enjoy hiking in Morocco

1) Do not bother to carry too many accessories of heavyweight. If you take too many accessories then it may hurt you and make you feel weary. This could even be fatal for you when you are on hiking tours in Morocco. Just try to get clothes that are light to wear and can get dry swiftly when you wash them during hiking vacations. Always stay away from cotton clothes and polyester fabric. When you wear light clothes then you can enjoy hiking in a more comfortable way.

2) You can also carry a lightweight knife and a medkit. This will help you to enjoy light food while doing hiking in Morocco. You can even take a multi-tool knife with you. Here you can also enjoy fishing with a fishing string and a nice hook when you do hiking amidst deep mountains. What can be better when you roast and eat mountain fish while sitting near a bonfire?

3) Just carry water in the light weighted utensil. You can take bottles containing mineral water that is sold by sincere companies. These bottles are very light in weight. If you carry a nice quantity of dried food like a burger, pizza or even dried chicken then it will take care of your hunger and appetite while doing and enjoying hiking in the mountains of Morocco. You can even by dried fruits as they will give you more energy and are light in weight.

4) While being on sports like hiking you can take some great products to cook if you prefer staying amidst the mountains during night hours. This could be quite easy and fast. If you light up a safe bonfire during night hours then you can cook a nice dinner during night hours. If you gather nice leaves and twigs including dry wood then it will assist you to cook food well. If you get a cave by chance amidst the mountains of Morocco then you can have a lavish and memorable dinner with your friends and dear ones. Never use wet wood while cooking in outdoor locations.

5) Just choose what kind of clothing that is suitable for the weather where you enjoy hiking in a place like Morocco. This will help you when you are here during the winter season.

6) As concerning footwear just choose hilly boots that will help you to climb the zig-zag routes of mountains.

7) While going on hiking tours in Morocco just take a map as well as a magnetic compass. These tools will protect you to stay safe from getting lost in the mountain deserts of Morocco.

8) Always go hiking with your friends and dear ones. Never go alone for such adventures as it may pose risks for you on account of being lost or due to some other route calamity.

The Final Summary

This article informs all online readers about tips to know before going hiking in Morocco. If you follow these tips as a tourist then you will be at the benefit. Such guidance will give you benefits as well as protection from mishaps while being on hike amidst the mountains of Morocco.

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