The sun is in the north-east corner of the city, the palm grove is a true oasis
Enjoy a 1-hour camel ride through the Palm Grove of Marrakesh and surrounding Moroccan countryside, where you can explore traditional villages, tour green palm groves, and immerse yourself in the local culture.



Kids and adults alike can enjoy camel riding just a few minutes’ drive from Marrakesh. Camels, known as the ‘ships of the desert’ are remarkable animals and offer a relaxing way to enjoy the peace and quiet of the palm grove in Marrakesh.

This is an adventure, you will escape the city of Marrakesh and explore the countryside, following the footsteps of caravans that have so done for centuries. Don a traditional cheich (protective turban veil) and ride through authentic villages and green palm groves, where you will get to observe the locals outside the Marrakesh city center live.
Along the way, stop for a break to enjoy sips of lovely mint tea, surrounded by the unique landscape of sand, palm trees, and grass.

transfer to and from your accommodation is included in the price