ANDY ROONEY once exclaimed, ”Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it. Morocco, a North African country famously known as “THE KINGDOM OF MOROCCO” is loved by the people worldwide for its diversified culture and naturally intact adventurous trekking which are pure bliss for the hikers across the globe. Exploring nature, feeling the serene beauty and challenging all the odds and shinning like a real hero is the actual essence of any hiker. Hiking in Morocco remains the highlight for almost every trekker around. So here is the list of 7 most interesting and adventure filled sites loved by the hikers in Morocco.

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1) Jebel Toubkal

The highest peak of North Africa with an altitude of 4167m in the Central High Atlas offers a divine scenic view and is one of the most promising adventure sites for the hikers in Morocco. During summers this site is favorable for fit trekkers who can tackle it in two to three days from Imlil. The main problems which arise for the hikers are altitude sickness, dehydration, and sunstroke. Kasbah Tu Toubkal is the most preferable and ideal base camp at the initial stage.

During winters, the ice coverage on the mountain range adds glitter to the gold but the thick layer of ice makes it difficult to trek and also require a serious set of skills to face the challenges. Also for hikers to love to face challenges to the extreme level, for them, there is Toubkal Circuit which is much more exhausting but exhilarating and it takes around a week to be completed. Also before one travel to Mount Toubkal, he will travel across the heavenly beautiful Azzenden River and can cite the Tamsoult Waterfall. Travel to this peak will be one of the most eccentric and most picturesque ones can even imagine.

2) Jebel Saghro

When the thick sheets of ice makes it a lot difficult and tricky to do trek in the Central High Atlas , the range of Jebel Saghro adds into the adventure list of the trekkers offering them a beautiful flowery scenes to witness with a descending level of altitude sickness and dehydration as it ranges to an altitude of 2712m. Local Cave Paintings acts as an icing on the cake. It acts as a bonus during hiking in Morocco. All the treks planned here in the range can also be tailored according to one’s particular needs, itineraries, and requirements.

3) M’goun Massif

It is in the heart of the High Atlas and is also the second highest peak of North Africa. This area serves the best in late spring with an overwhelming essence of wildflowers and rhymical snowmelt rivers such as Ait Bougmez and the Tessaout in the valleys. If there is an entire week in your hand, one can enjoy experiencing and exploring the lower slopes and valleys or can optimize the time in tackling the M’Goun itself.

4) Jebel Sirwa

Jebel Sirwa is a mountain range other than High Atlas and it lies in the south of Morocco. It is a hub of various interesting and tempting peaks offering a package of joy to the trekkers. It is a 3304m high volcanic mountain connecting the two ranges. Although Mount Sirwa can be climbed within a span of two days and alternatively, it takes a week time through the Berber valleys because of its steeply terraced fields.

5) Rif Mountains

Northern range of Rif Mountains of Morocco is not as famous or renowned as many of the other country peaks across the country but are favorite among the local walkers mainly families. Another option of a long day hike up Jebel-Al-Kalaa overlooking the town. Also to experience overnight hiking the Talassemtane National Park is a good option. These mountain ranges are mainly explored by the local trekkers.

6) Ifrane National Park

The living is just not enough, one must explore and experience the sunshine, freedom and little flowers offered by nature in its lap. It is very well said that ”STUDY NATURE, LOVE NATURE, STAY CLOSE TO NATURE. IT WILL NEVER FAIL YOU”. The same is offered at the Ifrane National Park which is famously known as Morocco’s “Little Switzerland” offering a soothing treat to the eyes with its balanced flora and fauna around.

The shrouded slopes of Cedar tree are at their best in the spring and autumn time. The species of Barbary Macaque which was once found throughout the area of North Africa, is now an endangered species but the Ifrane National park is the only park with one of its last preserves.

7) Paradise Valley

Tourist, trekkers, hiker’s visiting to Morocco doesn’t relate or associate with the coastal beach of Agadir with the hiking. It is totally opposite with its name as the lush oasis is not far inland. It follows the river north towards the Imouzzer Ida OuTanane for 60km away. The Cascades’ waterfall is another addition to the bucket of the traveler. Moreover if one has a handful of time, they can hire a guide and explore the valley’s Berber villages and can also experience the aroma of camps under the galaxies of the stars glittering up in the sky creating a magical and everlasting impact in one’s heart.

As one need special shoes for hiking similarly a person needs a special soul depicting strength, determination, will, the power to go for hiking. A hiker is a lover of nature who wants to explore even the minutest beauty and capture it in his heart and soul forever.

Morocco offers a basket full of adventure to its travelers. Hiking in Morocco is like a treat package offered by the country to the hikers. For any person who wants to experience the best, must visit MOROCCO at least once in his life.

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