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Morocco Special Private Tour

Tours in Morocco

Morocco is known as the Kingdom of Morocco, which is located in North Africa. The country has a population of around 34 million. Morocco shares its international borders with Spain, Algeria. One more thing to know about the place is that the country has not been listed in the African Union. Tours in Morocco can be very entertaining as the country offers historical places, natural wonders, mosques, and many other places of interest. Let’s have a look of some of the places to be visited in Morocco.


Marrakesh is a city, which is located below the Atlas Mountains. It is a historical place and people can also enjoy marketing here. Along with these, Moroccan street food can be enjoyed here at night. The tourists can also buy jewelry and spices from the market called Djemma el Fna. Some of the places to visit here are Saadian Tombs and El Badi Palace. My Moroccan Travel offers best Marrakech private desert tours and Morocco Sahara Desert tour at an affordable cost.


Fez is a religious city of Morocco, which was also its capital for 400 years. Fes al Bali is an old wall, which is now protected by UNESCO. The wall belongs to the architecture of Idrisid dynasty. Another place to visit is Quaraouiyine mosque. There is a university beside the mosque that is considered as the oldest university in the world. Other places to visit in the city are Chaouwara Tanneries, the Merenid Tombs and the Mellah or Jewish Quarter.


The place is situated on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco It is a seaside town and is very popular as people can come here to relax and be away from the city traffic and other things. The houses in the town are painted with red and blue colors and the streets are narrow. Another thing that is popular in the city is seafood restaurants.


This is a small town situated on the peaks of the Rif Mountains. The city attracts painters and photographers due to its blue painted houses. People can enjoy drinks at Uta el-Hammam square and Moroccan cuisine at Riad restaurant.


The town is located near Erg Chebbi dune sea. The town also acts as a gateway of Sahara desert. Therefore, camel operators are also there to arrange camel safaris in order to take the people to Sahara desert. These safaris have the duration of a few hours to several days.

Jabal Toubkal

It is the highest peak of the Atlas Mountains in North Africa having the height of 4,167 meters. The tourist will enjoy the scenery as well as snow.

How to Reach Morocco?

Tourists can reach Morocco by air, road or water transport. Many flights from different parts of the world go to and come from Morocco. Ships are the other way to reach Morocco. Contact us to enjoy private travel in Morocco.

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